Last night while as I was trying to go to sleep I started composing a list of my favorite artists. The criteria for selection first of all that person has to be a solo artist not a member of a band like Bono from U2. Second, would be how long the artist has been a favorite and not just someone I like right now but rather longevity. Finally, all selections are subjective based on my personal tastes. Feel free to leave comments about my selection or your own favs.

scc.jpg#10 Steven Curtis Chapman

Favorite Song: Great Adventure

Favorite Album: All About Love

What I like about SCC: SCC keeps coming up with great music. His career definately has longevity. Ministry is also one of his priorities. Listen to SCC music and videos on the Steven Curtis Chapman Online Channel.

#9 Flame

Favorite Song: Goodness to Repentance

Favorite Album: Rewind

Why I like Flame: Flame is a rapper with a purpose. He rappers about things others don’t and calls his fans to a higher standard. Flame and the guys from Cross Movement are great in concert. Wish he would release the long awaited sequel to Our World Fallen. The sequel Our World Redeemed was scheduled to be released in August 2007 but the date has been pushed back several times. The current release date is scheduled for early March 2008.

#8 CeCe Winans

Favorite Song: Purified

Favorite Album: Purified

Why I like CeCe: CeCe has been one of my favorite artists for many years. I first discovered her when she was recording with her brother BeBe.

plumb.jpg#7 Plumb

Favorite Song: My Sweet, My Lovely

Favorite Album: Beautiful Lumps of Coal

What I like about Plumb: Tiffany Arbuckle AKA Plumb is a rocker turned mellow by mother. Her latest project Blink is an introspective collection of songs for her two young sons. You can listen to a couple of tracks from the project on her website.

dj.jpg#6 Dennis Jernigan

Favorite Song: You Are My All in All

Favorite Album: The Collection Vol 1

What I like about Jernigan: Dennis is a worship leader and his focus in on worship. Instead of concerts he has “Nights of Praise”. There is an honesty and transparency that comes through his music. The transforming power of God’s grace and love is evident when Jernigan shares testimony. In grad school one of the few times I saw the chapel packed was when Jernigan lead chapel. The place was standing room only. Chapel was normally Tuesday thru Thrusday but they had a special Friday chapel and it was still packed.

johnwilliams.jpg #5 John Williams

Favorite Song: Leia’s Theme from Star Wars

Favorite Score: Stars Wars Original Trilogy

Why I like John Williams: Yes, I know that he is a composer and not a singer or instrumentalist. Williams is my favorite modern composer. He composed the score for several of my favorite movies Star Wars The Original Trilogy, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Superman. His score may have been the best part of Stars Wars Episode I.

kgreen.gif#4 Keith Green

Favorite Song: Oh Lord, Your Beautiful

Favorite Albums: The Ministry Years Vol I & II.

What I liked about Keith: Keith had a unique sound. He was concerned with ministry and not fame and fortune. In 1982, Keith and two of his children were killed in a plane crash. Keith’s widow Melody continued to run their ministry “Last Days Ministry“. Check out Keith’s Music.

#3 Josh Groban

Favorite Song: You Raise Me Up

Favorite Album: Closer

What I like about Josh: His voice and he isn’t bad looking either.

#2 Phil Keaggy

Favorite Song: The Wind and the Wheat

Best Album: Invention with Scott Dente and Wes King.

Why I like Keaggy: Phil is an amazing musician. Rumor has it that Jimmie Hendrix when asked who the greatest guitarist was he responded Phil Keaggy. Keaggy doubts that really happened. Listen to samples from Keaggy’s latest project.

Best PK concert: Attended one of his concerts in a very small venue. The place was packed but the acoustics where pretty good.

#1 Rich Mullins

Favorite Song: Sometimes by Step

Favorite Album: Jesus Album

What I liked about Rich: Rich was different from other artist. OK, maybe he was just different. He wasn’t afraid to be himself or stand for what he believed. He gave up fame & most of his fortune preferring to spend his final years teaching music to Native American Children on a reservation. He didn’t wear shoes even in concerts. Rich left this world too soon. Listen to Rich’s Music.

Best RM moment: Rich gave a free concert at Dallas bookstore as a part of their “discovery series.” The bookstore thought they had discovered an undiscovered artist and where surprised when 500+ people showed up for the concert.

3 thoughts on “Top 10: Favorite Artist/Musician

  1. Wow, some real good memories and great music here. One of my favorite Christian musical artists was 2nd Chapter of Acts. I think my all time favorite Christian pop song is Wandering Spirit from Kerry Livgren. Thanks for the list!!


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