Rich Mullins Tribute

Third Day and Brandon Heath cover Rich Mullin's Creed in the original style.  One of my favorite bands performing one of my favorite songs. Creed by Rich Mullins, Preformed by Third Day and Rich Mullins I believe in God the Father Almighty Maker of Heaven and Maker of Earth And in Jesus Christ His only … Continue reading Rich Mullins Tribute

Question of the Day — Music

I have been going through old post and doing some tweaking for SEO (search-engine optimization). Going through my music posts all 102 of them I started thinking about hymns and modern worship music. Personally, I enjoy both. One thought hit me as I was reading the lyrics for Charles Wesley's And Can It Be was … Continue reading Question of the Day — Music

TOP 10: Soundtrack for Life

Got tagged for another Facebook Meme. I think it was supposed to be more albums.  I decided to make it fit my Top 10 format and since it is my blog ... #10: Freedom by Michael W. Smith -- In my opinion this may be Smitty's best release. Freedom is an all instrumental project. #9: … Continue reading TOP 10: Soundtrack for Life

Some Thoughts On Christian Music

My motivation for writing this comes from something that happened at work this week and comments made on a couple of my posts this week. (See: KJV Only, Rock Music and Other Rants and What I Believe). I want to begin with that I love music. My dad was a DJ and minister of music. … Continue reading Some Thoughts On Christian Music