Read with your child.Reading is a multifaceted skill involving more than just the ability to properly decode words. Struggling readers often miss many of the nuances of reading especially fluency. Reading can become a process of saying words with little or no recognition of the meaning or purpose of the passage. Unlike, reading comprehension or decoding skills fluency is often overlooked.One of the best ways to improve reading fluency is by practice. Choose a selection that is slightly below your child’s reading level. The selection should be no more than 1-2 typed pages. For younger children choose shorter passages. Your child should be able to read the passage fairly easily. Read the passage to your child. Be sure to model fluency and reading with expression. Next read the passage with your child. Have your child practice reading the passage several times a week for 5-10 minutes. Work on the passage until your child is able to read fluently and with easy. As your child’s reading skills improve increase the difficulty of the passage.Understanding the purpose of punctuation marks is an important part of fluency. Children often do not understand that punctuation marks should affect how a passage is read aloud. Exclamation marks are the easiest to explain. An exclamation should have more expression than other statements. Commas function like yield sign while periods are stop signs and should have a brief pause.A companion to fluency is reading with expression. Encourage your child to read with expression. A fun way to practice expression is by reading the Sunday Comics. This is a great medium for expressions and voices.

A good reader is able to easily and accurately decode words and comprehend what is read. Reading with fluency is also an important part of reading.

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