Sky Watch Friday: Hancock Park

swftomThe Big Guy and I recently moved to Central Texas. We have enjoyed being closer to family and to exploring the Texas Hill country.  Hancock Park in Lampasas, Texas is a 100+ acre park located along Sulfur Creek.  Hancock Park includes a playground, walking trail, golf course, swimming pool and Hostess House.

Hancocksp4.jpgIn the 1880’s Lampasas  was a tourist attraction and health spa. There was 2 story Park hotel, Hanna Springs bath and an opera house. By the mid-1890s the hotel burned. The opera house would close by 1900.

Hancocksp2.jpgA Baptist camp was built at Hancock Springs. The swimming pool was built in 1911. The Baptist camp was sold in 1929 to help raise funds for Baylor College for Women (now University of Mary-Hardin Baylor).


The city of Lampasas purchased the property in 1936.  During World War II Hancock park was leased by the army as a recreation camp for the Camp Hood (now Ft. Hood).  After World Ward II Hancock Park returned to the city and a 9-hole golf course was built.

Sources:  Austin Chronicle Day Trips and Lampasas Hostess House History

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Throwback Thursday: Fun with The Big Guy

The Big Guy has a great sense of humor. He always finds way to make laugh.  These are shots from a photo shoot in 2006. The goal was to get photos for the Christmas card. Well, the Big Guy had to just be himself.

The Big Guy being himself during the photo shoot.
The Big Guy being himself during the photo shoot.
The Big Guy being serious.
The Big Guy being serious.
Photo Shoot Fall 2006
Final Shot

Throwback Thursday: Christmas Break 2003

Christmas 2003
Wolf Pen Creek Park
College Station, Texas

The Big Guy and I moved to Florida in July of 2003. This would be the 1st Christmas  of what would become an annual trek for the next several years. I don’t know if Texas was that much colder in December 2003 or if we were just not used to the cold. It was in the 60s when we left Florida.

Throwback Thursday: Still Freaky

I still think this photo from 2013 is freaky. It was part of a department store display just inside the mall entrance. That thing freaked me out every time I saw it. Good thing I didn’t go to the mall much.


Sky Watch Friday: At-At


Life-size At-At at Disney’s Hollywood Studio Orlando Florida

Last fall the Big Guy and I visited Walt Disney World (Florida).  We decided to visit Disney one more time before we moved back out-of-state.  In Disney’s Hollywood Studio there is a life-size At-At located near the Star Tours ride. I took this with the camera on my Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Throwback Thursday: Bubbles

Today’s TBT is a little different, I usually feature a memory aka photo. This photo isn’t about a memory but a reminder.  It is a reminder that when things seem dark and no way that the bad things will pass. It is a reminder that God will get me through the rough times.  It is a reminder that life needs more fun and laughter.

BubblesThis tiny  jar of bubbles sits above my sink as a reminder that sometimes I should do something silly and relax.  I bought a jar years ago when I was going through a tough time. I wanted to buy or do something fun but my limited funds wouldn’t allow for anything. One day I was in the dollar store and decided to buy some bubbles. Why? Well bubbles are just silly fun.  Sometimes we  need to allow ourselves an opportunity be silly.

Review: Cairo Grill

CairoGrill.jpgCairo Grill may be one of my favorite places Gainesville, Florida.  They feature traditional Egyptian and Mediterranean cuisine.


Food: The food is unique, fresh and fast.  The Cairo Grill is a quick service restaurant featuring real food. If you like Greek or Mediterranean cuisine I highly recommend giving the Cairo Grill a try.  I would recommend trying the kabob combo plate on your first visit. This gives you a chance to try all of their kabob.  The humus is made fresh daily and is very tasty.  Also, the deserts are smaller and less sweet than American style desserts. They are a great end to a lighter meal.

CairoGrill2.jpgSelection: Very unique and creative.

Service:  Excellent. Fast and friendly. The staff is very willing to answer questions about the cuisine.

Atmosphere:Nice. They offer both inside seating and outside seating on a wrap around porch.

Cairogrill3.jpgAllergy Rating:  Above average. There is a gluten-free menu but no true menu. Be sure to ask to speak to the owner or chef about the menu.  The staff is very helpful. One warning is that the menu ingredients do change without warning so be sure to check the ingredients of a dish each time. That is the only reason I have rated them only above average.

Overall: One of my favorites. Awesome.