Indiana and Kentucky Tornadoes: How You Can Help

Last week a string of tornadoes ripped through the Midwest and Southeastern U. S. Several towns have been devastated by these storms. How you can help: American Red Cross Habitat for Humanity Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief Samaritan's Purse: Emergency Relief Southeastern Indiana Baptist Association World Vision

Ways to Help Japan

On Friday, March 11 an 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan and triggered a massive tsunami. More than 800 people were killed, hundreds are missing, and 200,000 are displaced after an 8.9-magnitude earthquake. How you can help: American Red Cross Baptist Global Response Habitat for Humanity IMB: Japan Response Fund Samaritan's Purse: Emergency Relief Texas Baptist … Continue reading Ways to Help Japan

Another 10 List: Gifts that Make a Difference

Reflecting on my theme for 2010: Make a Difference, I thought of  While it is in the format of a Top 10 list the items are really in any order. #10: Send a message of Hope to the children at Florida Baptist Children's Homes.  #9: Through Heifer International you can give  a meaningful gift to … Continue reading Another 10 List: Gifts that Make a Difference

Make a Difference: Help Chile Recover from the Earthquake

Keeping with this year's theme of Make a Difference I have found several ways to help those in Chile recover from the Earthquake. American Red Cross Baptist Global Response Doctors Without Borders Habitat for Humanity Disaster Response Samaritan's Purse International Relief Texas Baptist Disaster Response The Salvation Army World Vision

Haiti Hit by 7.2 Earthquake

Tuesday January 12th, a 7.2 earthquake rocked Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince.  Hundred and possibly thousands are either injured, missing or presumed dead. Much of downtown has been demolished including the Parliament and many more buildings are seriously damaged. Haiti was already struggling to recover after several hurricanes destroyed much of the country's infrastructure in  2008. How … Continue reading Haiti Hit by 7.2 Earthquake