Rocking the Drumline

I first met Dane Porter when he was an energetic pre-schooler who loved music. Dane is now a senior at Waxahachie High School who still loves music. He has Down Syndrome.┬áThe year began with Dane and other special needs students being excluded from the senior t-shirts.┬áLast month the band director invited Dane to join the … Continue reading Rocking the Drumline

You Can’t Wear That Here

Last October Waxahachie High School (TX) sophomore Pete Palmer was sent home for wearing a John Edwards 08 t-shirt to school and threatened with suspension if he wore it again. Palmer and his family are suing the Waxahachie Independent School District (WISD). The Palmer's claim WISD violated Pete's right to free speech. According to WISD … Continue reading You Can’t Wear That Here