Top 10: Games

top10I did this the other day as a pick 5 on Facebook. I was frustrated because it would only allow me to select computer/video games. Several of my favorite games are regular games.

#1o: Lady Bug – I believe Lady Bug was one of the lessor known video games during the 1980’s. In high school our local burger joint had one. I got pretty good at it. I could play for a couple of hours on just one or two quarters. Lady Bug was similar to Pac Man. I got good enough to usually earn several extra games as well as extra lives. Each new free play would start faster than the first one. One day I was playing and some “jock” types begin hassling after I refused to give them the machine. One of the knuckleheads kept bragging about how much better he was than I was and if I could play it any idiot could. I had earned several free games and I knew the next game would start very fast. So, I let the yahoo take over with 9 lives and at least 3 or 4 games. He went through all of the lives and games within a matter of minutes. It was funny to watch his buddies turn on him because he had been beaten by a girl.

#9: Lego Star Wars Series – Lego Star Wars is supposed to be a kids game. However it is fun and at times quite challenging.

#8: Dr. Mario Dr. Mario is a Tetras type game. It was one of the few games I had for my old Nintendo but I really liked it.

#7:  Uno Uno is a simple and easy to play card game. I think it is best when played with a bunch of people.

#6: Roller Coaster Tycoon Series – There is something fun about creating roller coasters that I would never consider riding.  I think the series has progressively gotten better over time.

#5: Axis & Allies – The only thing I don’t like about Axis and Allies is how long it takes to set the game up. That is certainly one advantage of the computer version.

#4: Civilization II Civ II is my all time favorite computer game even though I have the complete Civilization collection.

#3: Trivia – While I prefer Trivial Pursuit 80’s and 90’s editions, I like trivia games in general. Got to find a use for all that random knowledge. Yes, I have tried to get on Millionaire, everyone around me got selected.

#2: Risk – Risk may not be as complex as some of the newer battle games it is still a classic and my favorite.

#1: Spades – My all-time favorite game is spades. When I was single I used to play almost every weekend.  It is one of those games where having ADHD can be advantagous. I talk alot while playing and many times my opponents believe I’m not paying attention especially if I have a nil hand. I really enjoy this when they think they will set me. The on-line and computer verisions of Spades are okay but nothing  beats a live game.