Advent: Peace

Peace seems to be elusive.  We live busy, stressed out lives, especially this time of year. There are a million things to do, presents to buy, events to attend and guests to entertain. It is hard to find even a moment of peace. Our nation has just endured  one of the most divisive  presidential elections … Continue reading Advent: Peace

Uncertain Times

It seems that our entire country is falling apart. Yet another ambush on police officers happened today.  It appears this too was sparked by earlier events. We are in the midst of a messy and contested presidential election time. It seems that both candidates and political parties only want to cause more divisions in our … Continue reading Uncertain Times

Stop The Maddness

Things are very wrong in our country. We have a lot of serious problems that need to be addressed in a civilized manner and prayerful manner.  Hate, violence and more division will not solve the problems. Thursday nights in Dallas 12 police officers and 2 civilians were shot and 5 officers killed at a peaceful … Continue reading Stop The Maddness

Too Many Thoughts

Can't sleep too many thoughts racing through my mind Thoughts of the future Thoughts of the past Thoughts of things I've done or said Can't sleep too many questions racing through my mind. Questions about decisions Questions about the future Questions I can't answer Need some answers so I can sleep; now these thoughts claim … Continue reading Too Many Thoughts