Lunch Box Police?

A Chicago public school, Little Village Academy has banned lunches from home. The school now requires all students to buy a school lunch for $2.25 a day. The only exemption to the rule is if the child has food allergies. The schools say this is necessary to improve students health.  Children’s Success Academy in Tucson, AZ has banned white flour, refined sugar and processed foods. The schools justify their extreme actions by saying it is promoting better health of students.

Schools banning sodas or limiting sweets is a common practice. However these extreme measures are out of line. Little Village Academy has essentially said that parents do not have the right, ability or knowledge to select appropriate foods for their children. Also, forcing parents to spend money on school lunches may cause unnecessary burden on families. As a teacher I have seen some children whose lunch was a little more than a junk food feast. Most students had a relative healthy lunch.

Another reason given for the ban is that the school lunch was healthier. I find this laughable.  I realize that school lunches have improved but I doubt the average school lunch is much healthier than a home packed meal.