Favorite Christmas Movies

whitechristmas.jpgTis the season of Christmas movies and specials, I think it was last Saturday that I saw the first one of the season. The movie just happened to be one of my favorites, White Christmas. Growing up we watched the movie every year. I think I was about 10 or 11 the first time I saw or remember seeing White Christmas. My mom let me stay up late to watch the movie. Now that was a rare treat. My mom didn’t like me watching TV or watch that much TV herself. She also was a stickler for following the schedule and routines. Growing up in Texas the idea of a White Christmas is a novelty. I have only seen one real white Christmas, the year we spent Christmas in the Ozarks.

I have decided to compile a list of some of my favorite Christmas movies. So here they are in no particular order. The requirements for making my list are that I like the movie and I consider it a Christmas movie.


The Bells of St. Mary’s, it is the sequel to Going My Way. Bing Crosby plays Father Chuck O’Mally. Want to know more watch the movie.


Another favorite is The Preacher’s Wife starring Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston. It is a remake of the 1947 classic The Bishop’s Wife.


It wouldn’t be Christmas Dicken’s Christmas Carol. My favorite verision is The Muppet Christmas Carol.


The Veggie Tales Star of Christmas starring Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber appear as Cavis Appythart and Millward Phelps as to song writer who are producing a production they hope will be a big hit. The plan hits a snag when the discover they are being upstaged by the children’s Christmas play at a nearby church.


As a child one of my favorite Christmas movies was The Little Drummer Boy. It is still one of my favorites.


It just wouldn’t be Christmas without A Charlie Brown Christmas. This may be my sentimental favorite.


Homecoming: A Christmas Story was based on the autobiographical writtings of Earl Hamner. This was the movie that launched the long running TV show The Waltons.

Well, that is just a sampling of some of my favorite movies. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

A Family Thanksgiving Favorite


A few years ago, I came up with the idea of pumpkin waffles to use up some leftover pumpkin. It was a hit and my husband insists that I fix them every year. So, I hope your family enjoy’s them as much as we do.

Pumpkin Pancakes/Waffles

1 ¼ C flour – sifted
1 T. baking powder
1 T. sugar
½ t. salt
1 beaten egg
1 C. milk
2 T. oil
2 T vanilla
½ C. pumpkin
2 t cinnamon
¼ t ginger – grated
½ t nutmeg

  • Sift dry ingredients.
  • Combine with egg, mil, oil & vanilla.
  • Stir until smooth
  • Add pumpkin and spices.
  • Cook on hot griddle or waffle iron
  • Top with pumpkin sauce, cream, grated nutmeg & cinnamon.

Pumpkin Sauce
½ C pumpkin
2 t vanilla
1 ½ C sugar

  • Heat pumpkin in a small sauce pan.
  • Add sugar. Bring to a boil stirring constantly. Boil 3 minutes.
  • Add spices.
  • Remove from heat & add vanilla.

Who Were the Pilgrims?

pilgrims.jpgThanksgiving is fast approaching. I have been thinking about the origins of Thanksgiving and what the holiday really means. So today begins the first in an installment in a series about Thanksgiving. Like me you probably learned about the first Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims and the Indians shared a meal. You probably even made a few of those funny black hats. But who where the Pilgrims anyway? It isn’t like they just hopped a plane and ended up in this country. How did they get here and why did they come?

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Veterans’ Day

thewall.jpgarlingtonnc.jpgToday is the official observance of Veterans Day. It is a time to remember those who served our country. It is also a good time to stop and pray for those who are currently serving our country. While Veterans Day is observed on the second Monday in November it is actually November 11th. Have you ever wondered why that day was chosen?

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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July. Hope you have a fun and safe 4th. The 4th of July has evolved in a time to spend with family and friends enjoying an extra day off. Fireworks and cookouts for some excessive drinking are associated with the 4th of July. This got me thinking about the 4th of July and its meaning.

Every year we celebrate our country’s independence from Great Britain. The Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence 4 July 1776 in Philadelphia. The first public reading of the Declaration occurred 8 July 1776 in Philadelphia. To learn more about the Fourth of July Celebrations check out Professor James R. Heintz on-line database about the 4th of July.

doi.jpgSo what about the signers of the Declaration of Independence? One organization promotes the idea that the majority of the Signers faced a life of hardship due to their willingness to take a stand. There is also an email that floats around this time of the year making several claims. According to my research this just isn’t true. TruthOrFiction.com has a nice discourse discussing the validity of the email. USHistory.org and ColonialHall.com have a biographies of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Have a safe and fun 4th. — DH