All of the prompts for today come from the Creatober List at The Creative Monday.

Day 8: Books

Day 8: Books

I created this using watercolor pens. I did a wash for the background and then did the books using a wet brush. The outlines/brush were added using a dry watercolor pen.

Day 9: Forest

Day 9: Forest

The style for this is loosely inspired by my love for Impressionist art. My parents took me to a Impressionist art show at The Kimbell when I was in elementary school and I was fascinated. That was the first of many Impressionist shows I would catch at The Kimbell.

For this drawing I started with a very loose outline drawing with a general idea of where I wanted the elements to be using pencil. I think only followed the outline for the path and the first tree on the left foreground.

Next I did wash for the background using watercolor pens and a wet brush. After the wash dried I added the trees and path using fine point and brush pens.

Day 10: Butterfly

Day 10: Butterfly

My design is inspired by one of the filler activities when I taught art. I kept a stash of butterfly shapes for students to decorate, paint or color. It was really a fun activity that could take as little or as much time as needed. It was also allowed for creative in combining mediums, textures and color.

For this design I used alcohol markers. The color scheme is based on my favorite color purple.

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