Hi, it’s me Maddie Mae. Ya’ll aren’t going to believe what Dee did today. She used my inst-ee-pot (InstaPot) to make food for the family and not me.

Chicken curry in the Instapot
See that isn’t my food.

Doesn’t she know that is for making my food and my bowl is empty. The Big Guy said I am okay because I have just finished my breakfast. Seriously, does that really matter. My bowl is empty.

Dee says that the Instapot belongs to the household and not me. Doesn’t she remember I am a princess and it is my house. So it must be my inst-ee-pot

My empty bowl.
My bowl is empty. It has been at least 20 minutes since I had any food. I am going to starve.

Anyway Dee is making curry chicken. She says I am getting coconut chicken with rice, peas, and carrots. I love coconut chicken. Still not sure about that.

Chicken curry
Chicken Curry
Coconut chicken with veggies

So if you’re reading this send breakfast tacos, chicken, turkey and steak. Please bring it around to my window. No need to get The Big Guy & Dee involved.

Peace Out, Maddie Mae

2 thoughts on “How Rude

  1. Dee, Pleas tell Maddie Mae that her comment made me smile today when I really needed it. She is as hungry as our dog, Lily who wants people food when we eat dinner right after she has already eaten. I am sure that Maddie Mae looks at you with those big, hopeful eyes! Maybe one day I will fly to your home and give Maddie Mae some food she wants because you obviously are “Starving” her just like we “Starve” Lily.. GRIN


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