Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes loaded and ready for drop-off.

Hi, it’s me Maddie Mae.

I had a busy morning. Well, actually it started Friday. I took Dee to the church to pick up the Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. They packed bunches of boxes. Dee said it was 43. I think it was like zillions. Dee even took the getting bags (shopping bags) out to make more room.

Trying to get the boxes in the building.

We took the boxes to 1st United Methodist in Burnet. It was a nice drive. Of course, didn’t let me drive. She never does. It took 3 trips with the little wagon to get them all inside. I let the Big Guy go in and fill out all the paperwork. It is hard to write when you don’t have thumbs.

Going in the church.

Taking the last load inside. I am so excited about dropping off the boxes. Thankfully the Big Guy is good about holding his string so I don’t loose him.

Dropping the boxes off.

Making sure all of the boxes get safely packed in cartons. The cartons will be sent to the nearest processing center. From there the boxes get sent to children all over the world.

See my cool sticker the nice lady gave me.

Peace out, Maddie Mae

2 thoughts on “Saturday Adventure

  1. Dee, you are such a loving, giving woman! I am glad that Maddie Mae could help you with that awesome service project! I have done that with the Cub scouts in years past. We had a lot of fun packing the boxes and wondering where they would be sent.


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