December Update


It’s Me Maddie Mae again. Sorry I haven’t written in 465s. (Dee says it is more like 2 months, whatever).

So, in November we had family and friends for Thanksgiving. I had some little humans come see me. I even shared Mason with the youngest little. You aren’t going to believe what happened. They brought their dog. She stayed in her house in my playroom (garage). Dee kept telling me I to be nice to other dogs. What? I am not a dog; I AM A PRINCESS.

Maddie is under her blanket.Well on to December. It got cold. I don’t like the cold but I did get to wear my new coat. Of course it got hot again. It does that a lot and often on the same day. This weather is craaaazzzy.

Maddie in her new blue coat.
What do you think of my new sea blue coat?

So last week I took Dee shopping to Tractor Supply. I needed some more food and wanted to do some a Christmas shopping.

Maddie’s food and shopping.
I got a case of food and a present for G’ma.

Look what the nice lady at the store gave me.

Maddie and her new chew.

Well, it is about time to get ready for tonight. Have a Merry Christmas.

Christmas Eve gifts to you and yours.

Peace out Maddie Mae.