Maddie Mae, The Snoopervisor


It’s me Maddie Mae again. I haven’t written in a while because I have been super busy with all my dog-of-the house responsibilities. You know like keeping those zombie goats away from my yard and watching over my people.

I have a new job. Yep, that’s right The Big Guy and Dee gave it to me. I am the snoopervisor. Being the snoopervisor is a big deal. It is even bigger than being a princess.

You may be wondering what does the snoopervisor do. Well, I have to watch my people. That is a lot of work. Because my people won’t stay in one place except G’ma but the Big Guy and Dee are a handful. Especially Dee she is always running off and getting lost.

I also have to watch all food preparation and just anything that happens in the kitchen. It is rough because the counters are so high and I can’t see up there. Oh and someone is always tripping on me. Gee, they could at least drop more chicken-bacon on the floor.

I try to protect them in the bathroom from that evil bathtub. If I don’t watch them they might just get sucked down the drain. Unfortunately, my people are always shutting the door. It is hard to open doors when you are short and don’t have opposable thumbs.

Then there are all of the invaders I must protect the house from like zombie goats, crazy robot vacuums and helicopters. Those goats haved stayed on their side of the fence so I have them on lock. My barking and jumping has kept those awful helicopters from my yard. But that crazy robot is something else. It keeps running around my house. It always messes with my food and water bowls. It just runs around the house and gets stuck in same place.

Peace out

Princess Maddie Mae Licks-a-lot

4 thoughts on “My Job

  1. Maddie, it sounds like the family is keeping you busy. Do you get paid vacations for the job you do? If you don’t, I would complain. Keep up the good work.


  2. Maddie Mae, I am glad you are protecting your family! You should be worried about the robot vacuum! On the news a while ago, they were telling about an intruder in someone’s bathroom. A house-sitter heard someone in there and they wouldn’t come out–so they called the police. The police could not get them to come out, either, so they went in with their guns drawn. It was the homeowner’s Roomba!


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