Advent is about the coming of Christ. The coming of Immanuel – God with Us.  Because of Immanuel God with us:

We have hope. We have hope because of despite what junk is in our past through Christ we can have a future. We have hope that no matter what is happening now we have a Heavenly, Father who wants the best for us and has a plan. We have hope of a future reward.

We have peace. Peace that is not contingent upon our current circumstances.  A peace rooted and sustained by Immanuel – God with Us.

We can experience unconditional love. Love that God demonstrated in a radical revolutionary manner. He sent His son to provide hope, peace, love and joy to his enemies. He reached out to us despite of our actions.

We can have true joy.  Joy that is not based upon our present circumstances.  A joy founded on the coming of Immanuel – God With Us


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