CallStCafe2.jpgCall Street Cafe, in Starke, Florida is a hidden gem. Call Street Cafe features fresh food using local ingredients.  We went on a Saturday and they live music.


Food: The food is fresh and quite tasty. For the quality the prices are very good.  I had the classic patty melt with southern greens and The Big Guy had some sort of omelet with fruit. I really liked the marbled rye. The greens were cooked with bacon and yummy although a little on the greasy side.

Selection:  Nice selection without being to big.

Service:  Excellent. Fast and friendly.

Atmosphere: Located in a converted old store front the dining area is quite spacious. It was refreshing that the owners didn’t try to cram as many tables as possible. I liked the eclectic decorating style as well.

CallStCafe1.jpgAllergy Rating:  Excellent. Just ask a lot of questions. The chef will even come talk to yo if needed.

Overall: Awesome!

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