Disclaimer: I have not seen the movie. This is my thoughts to what I’ve read and heard about the movie.

The movie Noah was released this weekend. There has been a bit of controversy about the movie. The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are mixed with critics like the movie but audience not so much. I have been reading a series on Ed Stetzer’s blog about the movie and other reviews of the movie. The series on Stetzer’s blog is guest written by Dr. Jerry Johnson, President of National Religious Broadcasters. I would recommend reading Dr. Johnson’s series.

One of my biggest concerns about the movie is Darren Aronofsky’s interpretation of the Genesis narrative of Noah. However, I’m not surprised that Aronofsky’s portrayal of Noah is vastly different from the biblical account.  Here is why? Aronofsky’s isn’t a believer. He doesn’t necessarily value scripture in same way I do. Aronofsky has produced his version of a “classic”.

I still haven’t decided if I will see the movie. After reading Dr. Johnson’s articles I was at least interested in seeing the movie.  Well at least until I saw a trailer for Noah tonight. The trailer so bad that I doubt I will pay money to see the movie. I might eventually see.

I do have some thoughts about how a Christian should handle the movie. See the movie if you would like but if you aren’t interested or offended don’t .  My advice is to study the Genesis account of Noah. Read the Bible first. Next break out the commentaries and dig into the story.  Be prepared and open to dialogue with others about the movie.


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