whitehorseRemember that thing that you always asked for as a kid. Every birthday, Christmas or other gift giving occasion it made the top of the list. For me it was a horse. I always wanted a horse. I even had the saddle to go with it just never the horse.

As a child I was fascinated with horses. Horses were my favorite animals. I had toy horses, books featuring horses and pictures of horses. If it hadn’t been for the Billy And Blaze Series
horse series I probably wouldn’t have learned to read.  Those were about the only books I would read attempt to read and even that was not drama free. Unfortunately, we lived in the city and a horse wouldn’t really fit in our backyard. By the time I came along my Granddaddy C only raised cattle. Oh, I did get a cow as a present once but that is another story.

What was that one toy or other thing you always asked for as a kid? Did you ever get it?

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