So I had a lot of help from the Big Guy on this one. I had a hard time coming up with a Valentine’s Day post this year. I had several really cool ideas but unfortunately I had already used them.

#10: Two Weeks Notice (2002)
Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock) is lawyer for George Wade (Hugh Grant) a womanizing real estate developer. Wade is from an old money family and used to doing whatever he pleases. Kelson is raised by a former-hippies and has been protesting big business since she was young.  Kelson gets tired of being more of the a nanny than a lawyer for Wade and quits.

#9: You’ve Got Mail
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan play business rivals who dislike each other. Hanks owns a big corporate chain type bookstore that is pushing out the small stores. Ryan plays the owner of a small but very unique children’s bookstore. The two meet anonymously on the internet. Yes the plot is predictable but it is a fun movie. One thing I like about the version I have is the option to play the soundtrack only. It turns the movie into one big music video.

#8: Pillow Talk
A classic starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day as a two strangers who share a telephone line. Of course they despise each other at first but with a little help from a mutual friend played by Tony Randal things ….. Well watch the movie.

#7: Sleepless in Seattle
Starring Tom Hanks  as Sam Baldwin a recent widower and Meg Ryan as Annie Reed. On Christmas Eve, Sam calls a radio talk show and tells his story of loosing his wife. Annie is one of hundreds of women who write to Sam wanting to meet him. Sam’s young son plots to arrange a meeting for the two. If you want a double feature through in An Affair to Remember. The plot of that movie is tied into Sleepless.

#6: The Man From Snowy River
Set and filmed in Australia the scenery is amazing.  Also, all of the scenes with the wild horses are a bonus.  I think horses are one of the most graceful and beautiful animals to watch in motion.  Jim Craig (Tom Burlinson), grown up on a farm in mountains of Australia. After his Father his killed in a farming accident. He is forced to go down to the low lands to earn money and the respect of the other mountain folk. Jim lands a working for Harrison (Kirk Douglas). Harrison happens to be the twin brother of Spur (also played by Kirk Douglas) who was a good friend of Jim’s dad. The two haven’t spoken in a couple of decades Jim falls in love with Harrison’s daughter Jessica (Sigrid Thornton).  Jim and Jessica get caught in the middle of the feud.

#5: The American President
Starring Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd and Annette Benning as lobbyist Syndey Ellen Wade. One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Shepherd tries to buy flowers for Syndey. He is amazed that the most powerful man in the world can’t do something as simple as buy flowers for his girl.

#4: The Princess Bride
This may be one of my all time favorite movies. I guess it isn’t a traditional “romance movie” but it I think it is a great date night movie.   I love the humor. The movie is filled with quotable lines. I think the Big Guy and I have as much fun quoting lines as we do watching the movie.  Hey there’s even a wedding scene.

#3: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
I love the transformation of Toula Portokalos from a shy and dumpy girl to a beautiful and confident young woman. Toula is 30 something, single and working in her family’s Greek restaurant. Her dad Gus just wants her to marry a nice Greek boy. After convincing her dad to let her take some college classes the transformation begins. Toula meets and begins dating Ian Miller, a non-greek. Nia Vardalos wrote and stars in the movie. It is loosely based on her life. Vardalos’s husband Ian Gomez plays Ian Miller’s best friend Mike. Also, several of her family members appear as extras in the movie.

#2: Rear Window
Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece starring Jimmy Stewart as photographer L.B. Jefferies and Grace Kelly as Lisa Fremont, is one of my favorites. The cinematography from is amazing. I would recommend getting the special edition the extras including the documentary about the filming of the movie.  Hitchcock was a master storyteller and in my opinion this may be one of his best films. I like how that it is a true suspense movie without unnecessary gore.

#1: Sweet Home Alabama
Reese Witherspoon plays Melanie Carmichael from a small town in Alabama who has traded her humble beginnings for the big city. She has become a successful fashion designer in New York City. She becomes engaged to the mayor’s (Candice Bergen) son (Patrick Dempsey) but there is one catch. She is still married to Jake (Josh Lucas) who is back home in Alabama and has refused to sign the divorce papers.

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