My new favorite place to get treats is Yo3Metro frozen yogurt. I have made it my personal mission to try all of the new yogurt and ice cream places that open in Gainesville, FL. Yo3Metro was one of the wave that opened in the past few months. So far they are my favorite place.

Yo3Metro is one of those trendy places. It has the decor and trendy look found in the other places. What makes Yo3Metro different from others is the quality of the yogurt and professionalism of the staff.

Our first visit was the day after Yo3Metro opened. During our visit we noticed several practices that could prove dangerous for someone with food allergies. We mentioned our concerns to the manager. The manager was very observant and even solicited feedback from guests. I mentioned that I might not come back due to some concerns we had. He asked us to give them another try. We came back the next week. I was pleasantly surprised to see that not only the issues we raised had been addressed but the manager had researched other ways to be allergy friendly. It is always easy to find out ingredients in the yogurt as well. I’ve only encountered one staff member who couldn’t answer my questions about ingredients but that person was able to find someone to answer my question. I think that staff member was new.


Food: Outstanding. Best yogurt in town.

Selection: Excellent. Great selection of toppings. If you don’t see a topping you want ask. They may just have it on you next visit.

Service: Awesome. The staff is always friendly and eager to help. Management seeks feedback from customers

Atmosphere: Nice.

Allergy Rating: Excellent. One of the best places in town.

Overall: Outstanding. One of my favorites.

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