A conversation with a friend last week left me without words. My friend was upset about a family member dying from cancer and just didn’t understand how God could let that happen. It was one of those moments where I had no answer.

Yes, I know the correct theological answer about living in a fallen world and death was not a part of God’s original plan. That wasn’t the answer my friend needed or wanted. As Christians I think it is easy to be like Job’s friends and reply with spiritual answers rather than handle tough questions or interrupt our lives to meet needs.

Sometimes as Christians we believe we must have all the answers. It is hard to admit we don’t understand or know why things happen. It is okay not to have an answer for every question. I really don’t think my friend wanted or needed an answer. My friend was in pain and needed to be able to express that. Sometimes the best answer is just to be a friend. To say I’m there if you need something and mean it. To be willing to let a friend cry or yell and just be there.

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