You know those weekends where you have more to on the “to do list” than is even super-humanly possible to accomplish is a week. Well this was one of those.  Both The Big Guy & I have been sick, think it may have been food poisoning. Plus still had some things that didn’t get taken care of the past couple of weekends. In the process of chores and running errands a bunch of random thoughts started clicking in my head. Hey my tagline is a warning of how my mind works.

Once again I was reminded that how much I dislike shopping especially going to the grocery store.  I have found a tool that makes grocery shopping faster. Publix has an on-line shopping list builder. It is great because the list is organized by the store layout. Making one store somewhat painless.

When shopping it seems that there is always that one store you put off because it will be a pain. Yes, that is what I did and the store lived up to my expectations. It also seems that there is always that one customer who is more important than the rest of us plebes. Yes, she was right behind me. She made it clear that she was 3rd and line and no one was going to get in front of her. Of course when another line opened and asked for the next customer she had no problem lying about her position in line and pushing ahead of others. Frankly I was just glad she gone.

Ever notice how when paying with a debit or credit card the machine always asks if the amount is OK. Sometimes I just want to say no and name my own price. It’s kind of like when you getting change for a dollar and asking for quarters. Notice how many times the cashier asks how many do you want. I often answer 5. It is amusing to watch the cashiers reaction. Yes, I have a twisted sense of humor.

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