Or how The Dee Zone Got its Name?

That is an interesting question and I’m glad that the Daily Post asked.

To answer that I need to rewind the clock back to about 1997. I created a web page for class. (That is a link to a very old version that was supposedly deleted. I no longer have access to it.)  I decided that I enjoyed programing. I turned over all of the historical stuff to my mom and moved on to a GeoCities site. It was there that I created The Dee Zone based on a cool looking door image I found or someone created for me. The logo kind of made me think of the Twilight Zone. So that is how the name The Dee Zone came about

I was always more interested in creating a quality website and perfecting my programming skills than in creating a “Me Page”.  In the process I began a little section called “Soap Box” where I wrote editorials.  So I guess I was blogging before I even knew what it was.  Then I graduated from grad school and got married.

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