The challenge from the Daily Post Blog is to make a Top 10 list of favorite things I haven’t done in over a year. I’m not sure if everything on my list has been over a year but it seems like it.

#10: Sleep until I can’t sleep any more. It has been several months since I’ve really slept in on my day off.

#9: Go to a theme park.

#8: Go on a picnic. Hope to do something about this one soon.

#7: Go to the mountains.

#6: Painting. I haven’t painted in years. Currently, I enjoy digital photography.

#5: Go hiking. It seems like we haven’t been since last spring. We usually hike a lot in the spring and fall. However I broke my ankle in November and that has sidelined me this year.

#4: Scrap-booking. I used to scrapbook regularly.

#3: Go to a concert. I enjoy going to concerts but just don’t get to that much any more.

#2: Go to the beach. Last time I was at the beach was in June or July.

#1:  Spend time with our families. It has only been about 6 months on this one but it seems longer. Living a long away from our family makes it hard to visit our families more than once a year.

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