Prompt from The Daily Blog

If money wasn’t an issue I would open my own coffee house/bookstore/gallery/local music venue. It would be that kind of cool funky place that is fun to hang out.  It would be a place that featured local and indie artists, musicians and authors.

The coffee-house part would feature fair trade coffee preferably roasted in-house.  A light menu of sandwiches and homemade goodies would compliment the coffee.

Working in a bookstore was one my favorite jobs.  I enjoy books. One of the things I liked best about the bookstore gig was getting to know customers. We had several customers that would come in every couple of weeks.

Okay, I’ll admit that I want the gallery  as a place to display my art. Not sure any of my work would sell but if money wasn’t an issue that wouldn’t matter. I would also like to give other not so famous or well established artist a venue for displaying their work.

I enjoy listening to live music. One of my favorites is to listen to indie music at a coffee-house or similar venue. Sometimes it is good and other times it isn’t. It is supporting local musicians. Over the years I’ve found several musicians I really like this way. Most are not well known but that is okay because I listen to what I like.

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