This is from the Daily Post on April 30. I’m a little behind in replying to it. One of the tricks I use to post regularly is to schedule posts in advance. I am able to write when I have time and try to stay about a week ahead.  A result is that when I respond to the Daily Post or Plinky may be days after the prompt was posted. So back to the topic of the day. As of April 30th I was half way through the Post A Day Challenge. I decided to do the PostAWeek rather than a PostADay but really I’m posting almost every day.

So the question is to list my top 3 posts for the year so far. I’ve come up with one for each month from January to April. Yes, I know that’s 4 and not 3.

07 Jan: My Greatest Accomplishment of 2010

My theme for 2010 was “make a difference”. I wanted to stop complaining about things or just thinking someone should do something about that. Instead I decided to do something. One of the things I did was to become involved with an adult literacy program. More…

21 Feb: Thoughts on Metacognition

This weekend the Big Guy was rather engrossed in his school work. It seemed like every time I attempted to say anything to him he just didn’t hear me.  Or for that matter even respond.  On Sunday, the Big Guy told me he knew what happened. His explanation was that he thinks in words so he couldn’t figure out if he was hearing his thoughts or me. (Yep, I know voices in the head. I could have fun with that one but I won’t).  He went on to say that the way he thinks or learning style is why he doesn’t hear me and that he can only focus on one thing at a time. Well, my response is that my thoughts are more like movies complete with sights, sounds and sometimes smell. I could be in another room doing something else and hear what he is saying.  Then followed a conversation about how he was not gifted with ADHD like I am. More…

07 Mar: Top 10 — Odd Laws

I need to come up with more lists. It is just hard to get inspired sometimes. This one came to me when I was supposed to be doing something else.

#10: In Alabama, you may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time. This is the law that sparked the list. The speaker mentioned it in a training I was attending last week.

#9: In North Andover, Massachusetts carrying “space guns” is prohibited. So, if Phasers are banned I wonder if Light Sabers are legal? More…

17 Mar: My Hometown

My hometown is Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth is a city of contrast. A city that embraces its “Wild West” roots as an outpost on the Trinity River but today it is the 17 largest city  in the United States. It is “where the West begins but is also a city of culture.

Established in 1849 where the Clear and West forks of the Trinity meet Fort Worth was one of a series of forts along a “picket-line” to protect the western frontier from Indians and other dangers. More …

10 Apr: Song Challenge Day 5

Today’s challenge is a song that reminds of someone.  When I was little my Daddy used to sing Come Thou Fount (Warrenton) as a lullaby. This is not the version of  Come Thou Fount that is usually sung. It is the version from the Sacred Harp. More…

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