TRS Model 100 circa 1983

My first computer that  was a TRS (Radio Shack) Model 100 Laptop. According to Club 100 User support group, the model 100 was the first laptop dating back to 1983. I’m not sure if it was the first but  I got one around 1984 or 1985. I was shocked to find out that some people still “use” them. Mine had an extended memory of 32K (that is right K) and used an external tape drive for storage. It was really little more than a small electronic typewriter that didn’t print. I do not have found memories of that beast. It was unreliable and always crashing. There is a reason the old Radio Shack computers were nicknamed Trash 80. My phone has more memory and more functionality than the Model 100 (and I don’t have a smart phone).

2 thoughts on “My First Computer

  1. Hi,
    certamente vedere questo computer e quelli attuali di Jobs, fà un certo effetto.
    Sembra che faccia parte dell’era preistorica !!!
    Il mondo si proietta nel futuro…
    E noi ? …. di noi resterà soltanto un granello di sabbia !
    Grazie per la visita ed il tuo commento 🙂
    Buona giornata.
    English Translation:
    certainly see this computer and current Jobs, makes a certain effect.
    It seems that part of the prehistoric era!
    The world looks to the future …
    And we? …. of us will remain only a grain of sand!
    Thanks for visiting and your comment:)
    Have a good day.


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