The Dee Zone in this form has been around since 2007. Over the years I’ve noticed a change in the spam that gets caught in the filters.

At first some spammers actually left comments that looked enough like a real comment to get by the spam filters.  There were also the stupid spammers that left random comments on posts that didn’t really apply.  Then spammers just begin leaving links and random words. For several months it seems that spammers have just given up and left a bunch of random letters.

Well last week this spam filter caught this little jewel in response to PSA: It’s That Time Again.

Actually after reading this article, i am against you on this. I do not blame you,and am actually thankful for bringing this up on your blog. I am just conjuring up a dialogue here,no hard feelings.

So apparently, the spammer is against my friendly reminder of the Spring time change. Actually, I don’t like springing my clock forward either. I think we should just keep falling back an hour in the fall and forget the spring one.  Since he wanted to “conjure” up some dialog how does this work. Oh yes and I’m invoking #8 in my comments policy for this one.

4 thoughts on “Evolution of Spammers

  1. Haha…Yea. I get that too. Or I get the ole “what a thoughtful post, I will think about that more! Check out my blog!” and then have a link to some viagra website or something.


  2. I found it amusing that a spammer would leave a comment on a post about spam.
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