Daily Post #53: How Do You Know a Post is Ready to Publish?

Simply, the post will tell me.  My goal is to write between 400-500 words or a minimum of three paragraphs. That doesn’t always happen. Some posts are easier to write about and tend to be longer. Others by nature are very limited in scope. Occasionally, I just run out of things to say. (I know that is surprising, huh?) Other times I simply get bored or distracted. It is that ADHD thing kicking in.  I write until I feel the post has accomplished its purpose. I try not to draw it out too much either. Well, on that note I believe it is time to end this little post.

Author: TheDeeZone

I write about things I find interesting this include music, movies, cooking, religion, news and whatever else pops in my ADHD brain. As a my tagline says: "The musings of an ADHD mind."I'm never really sure what is will catch my interest.

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