Million dollar checkOne of last week’s  question from the Daily Post was “What would you do with a million dollars, tax free?” I have already written on this topic before so I’m re-posting.

#10: Invest in the lives of others. Maybe it would be by starting my one charity or non-profit. Most likely it would be through giving scholarships or to established charities.

#9: Start my own business. Not for sure what. If I were making that choice today it would probably be some sort of bookstore, coffee house, and live music venue.

#8: A den/study for The Big Guy with all the electronic toys he wants. Not sure what that would look like except  that it would have a new TV and at least one of the newer gaming systems.

#7: Travel. Actually, I would combine numbers  6 & 7  Among my places to travel include reaching my goal of visiting all 50 states, Scotland, England and Australia.

#6: Missions. Both by giving to missions and hands-on involvement in missions.

#5: Take care of our my mom & the Big Guys Mom. Maybe it should be number three but taking care of family is still in my top 5.

#4: Invest. Actually #5 would be a part of number 4. Don’t want to blow all the money.

#3:  Buy a house. We have been wanting to buy our own house rather than rent. Also something a little bigger and a fenced backyard (I want a dog).

#2: Get of Debt. I know it isn’t much fun but it is necessary.

#1: Tithe. Yes, that is right I would give 10% back to God. It is my way of acknowledging that all blessings come from God.

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