My theme for the year has been make a difference.  Yes, I know I really haven’t posted much about that but then I’ve been in a writer’s slump for months.  One very big way to difference is by voting. It is time for me to get on my soap box about the upcoming election.

First, our country is facing some major issues. Tuesday’s elections are important and the outcome will quite possibly effect how many important issues are handled.

Do not believe all the hype and babble from political ads, fliers and especially those emails that float around. Research the candidates and referendums on the ballot.

I do not trust or support the Republican, Democrat or even Tea Party. I really do not think it prudent to vote along party lines. All parties have a tendency to lie, spin the truth or otherwise make the situation favorable them.  It is better to vote for individual candidates.

I am fed up with incumbents and think it is time for term limits for most if not all elected officials.  So give them one term in office. If the elected official doesn’t live up to your expectations send them home.

Do not believe the negative campaigning your vote does matter. If you have not voted in the early elections get out and vote Tuesday.

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