This week has been one of those weeks that made me  want to either hit the reset button or go hide until it is over. It has been a combination of many little things bombarding us at once.  I’m sure being extremely tired from devoting most of the past 2 months to the moving process has set the stage for such a week. However, there was one series of events that has been especially disheartening. We discovered this week that an individual The Big Guy has tried to help was and still is launching personal attacks behind our backs.  Well, now I guess it isn’t behind our back because we are aware of the situation.  I have felt betrayed and hurt because we had reached out to someone who seriously needed among other things a friend. While we knew the individual had issues we really believed this person was a friend.

It is extremely frustrating and discouraging when I help someone who betrays me, takes advantage of the situation or otherwise acts in a less than honorable manner. This has happened a few times in the past. It makes me want to withdraw from others and adopt a “trust no one” policy. In the past I have said I will never help someone again but of course I do.

This raises the question of why help others?  I guess there are several reasons I help others.   One reason would be that   is just part of my personality and hard-wiring. Also, I have found that when I take time to help others and invest in relationships I become less self-centered. It gives me less time to dwell on my on problems.  Another reason would be the principle of  treating others the way I want to be treated.”

Well, I guess that is enough ranting for now. — D.

4 thoughts on “Rough Week

  1. Luckily we are only responsible for our part in the story….our actions and the heart we do it with. The other characters write their own parts…both good and bad.

    I’m sorry you got stuck with bad supporting actors this week.



  2. Hiya, Dee. Sorry I’m just now commenting on this, but I’m just now checking my RSS feeds.

    TBG absolutely did the right thing by helping another, especially knowing from experience that the uglier side of human nature may rear its head, so you should both take great pride in his having done so.

    It sounds like TBG simply trusted the wrong person with his friendship. I’ve done that many times myself, so I definitely feel your pain.

    It is normal and even necessary for good people to seek to help others; it is just part of who we are. It is also normal for good people to help those who others will not help, because we like to believe the best in everyone and thus want to help the underdogs of the world.

    Unfortunately, it is also normal for many who receive our help to lack appreciation, and even to turn on us when we no longer meet their idea of who we should be, or what we should be doing for them. That of course means it is not at all unusual for good people to be disappointed by trust violations.

    If it is any consolation, most people will see right through their backstabbing behavior. They are therefore hurting themselves far more than they are hurting you (though I’m sure it doesn’t feel that way).

    Hang in there, my friend.


    1. Guess what infuriated me was the person kept claiming it was a “word from the Lord”. It irks me when rude people hide behind God.


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