pudgeTuesday’s trade with the Astros brings catcher Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez back to the Texas Rangers.  The Rangers let Pudge go after the 2002 choosing to keep the wrong Rodriguez. At the time the Rangers let Pudge go so that they could afford to keep short stop Alex Rodriguez aka Pay-rod.

In his absence from the Rangers Pudge has spent time with the Marlins (2003), Tigers(2004-2008), Yankees (2008) and the Astros (2009). Pudge helped the Marlins clinch the league championship title in 2003 and was awarded MVP for that year’s World Series. Pudge returned to the World Series in 2006 with the Detroit Tigers.

The Rangers plan to use Pudge as a back-up for catcher Tayler Teagarden. While I would like to see Pudge as starter at least he is back with the Ranger.

Welcome Back Pudge !

2 thoughts on “Welcome Home Pudge

  1. Yes, who seems to have not been appreciated in the past few years because he is getting “old”. Well, the Astros traded Nolan Ryan to us because they thought he was washed up. That was before his 7th no hitter.


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