Today Good Morning America featured  a piece about the cool tribute to our country’s fallen soldier the Riverside National Cemetery. For the past 9 days the names of those interred in the cemetery have been read aloud non-stop. You can check out the video on the Good Morning America website.

Originally posted 26 May 2008.

U.S. Flag

To those whose family or friends have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country:

I am grateful for their bravery. Thank you.

The Wall

To those who have served (Uncle Earl, Buck, Roy, Bill, Randy, ENM):

Thank you for your willingness to serve our country.

Soliders Raising US Flag

To those who are currently serving (IC, CT, JG & BR):

Thank you and you have my support.


To those who wish to malign those in the military, to protest the war and/or demonstrate at funerals:

Please remember that freedom is not free. It was built on the backs of those who have served and defended this country for 200 plus years.

Arlington National Cementary

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