Energy has long been an important industry in west Texas. Traditionally that has meant oil and gas wells.  Today that also includes wind energy. I’ve always wondered why they couldn’t figure out some way to use all of that wind out there.


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12 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday: E is for Energy

  1. Of course! Why didn’t I think of energy is an E entry. Alternative energy sources have been one of the most important interests of our lives. There is a tremendous amount of untapped wind energy in this country. Thank you for this post!


  2. I so want to use all the green devices I can. I was stunned to find out that backyard wind turbines can run $10,000 plus and the price of solar energy is outa sight as well. Interesting. Waiting to get smart seems to have taken a long time. 🙂 Excellent post and photos!


  3. We are beginning to use wind turbines here, too. We live in a very flat area, ideal for wind-generated energy, and personally, I find these elegant ‘windmills’ very attractive.


  4. Photo: I agree

    Jay: I like windmills in general

    MO, Tyra, Mamapippa: TY

    Tumblewords: It is strange that it cost so much to go green. Heard Bill Nye speak a couple of years ago. His house has a lot of “green” devices.


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