25 Random or Not So Random Things About Me


This has been viral note spreading throughout Facebook. Until now, I have chosen not to respond. I decided to post it here rather than Facebook. If you choose play along please leave a comment.

  1. Banana is one of my favorite flavors. Think this may be due to all the food allergies I have. As a child yellow was always a safe color for me when select popsicles or other food treats.
  2. Barbeque involves cooking meat preferable brisket or sausage over wood. The words brisket and pulled should never be used in the same sentence. I do not care how many sauces you have barbecue is about the meat. If the first comment someone makes about a BBQ joint is about how the good the sweet tea is something is wrong. In addition, there is something wrong if you cannot smell the smoke at a BBQ joint. One, last thing I want my brisket served in thick slices and warm. No, it will not be tough if you cook it right.
  3. Despite tests that indicated, I should not be able to read I have been reading on a post secondary level since 5th or 6th grade.  The makers of those tests just did not consider my mom’s determination that I would learn to read or else.  Trust me it was not always a pleasant experience. Oh, in case you are wondering I had excellent teachers in my early elementary grades. Just need extra help because of dyslexia.
  4. During my early years, I enjoyed playing in the TV studio side of the radio/TV station where my dad worked. It was a great big room (or at least to a preschooler) with slick floors.  Great place to race my toy cars or slide around.
  5. Even though I am from Texas, I am not very country. The one of the few genres of music I cannot stand is country.
  6. I attended the same high school as my mom and the same college and graduate school as my dad.
  7. I do not like anything squishy!!!
  8. I do not like loud noises unless it is at a rock concert.
  9. I got a black eye on the Rocking Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Most unusual way I have gotten a black eye.
  10. I have never been a bride’s maid in a wedding but I have been a grooms person.
  11. I hope that that at least once in my lifetime the Texas Rangers baseball team will win a post-season game.
  12. I know that the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame has nothing to do with baseball.
  13. I never learned cursive. It is a dysgraphia thing.
  14. I used to teach in the country and guinea hens attacked my classroom.
  15. In high school, I was not allowed to take a computer programming class because the teacher said I was not smart enough. Further, she believed that I had no future with computers. According to this teacher, she only had a limited number of spots and did not want to waste one on me. Well, I taught computers for many years and even developed my own curriculum.
  16. In kindergarten, I had my own corner.
  17. In sixth grade, I read over 1,000 books but I did not do my homework because it was boring.
  18. My childhood pets included dogs and a cow. Yes, a cow, she lived on my Granddaddy’s farm.
  19. My favorite animals are dogs, horses and kolas.
  20. My newest hobby is photography.
  21. PBJ is still one of my favorite choices for lunch.
  22. Surprisingly I do own several dresses.
  23. The primary reason I do not drink beer is I do not like it. My beverages of choice are fruit juice especially apricot or anything cherry and Dr Pepper. Oh, there is nothing better than a half frozen Dr Pepper on a hot day.
  24. The sports I like are golf, hockey and baseball.
  25. Usually, I like to keep things in alphabetical order. Did you notice this list is alphabetized? Used the sort function in Word. It is probably my mom’s fault that I compulsively alphabetize things but that is another story.


  1. heylo,
    ITs Pinkey2we Here. and i want YOU to Check out my site! it is so funny you will laugh your butt off LITERALLY! ITS AS RANDOM AS RANDOM CAN BE SO CHECK IT OUT!
    -Pinkey2we :mrgreen:
    P.S. Add it to your blogroll to be added in return!

  2. What a MEAN mom you had, who made you learn to read–no if’s,and’s, or but’s –despite tears and sobs and wails.

    You learned to alphabetize as a pre-school child after you got mad at Mom and tossed all of the books out of your bookcase. MEAN old mom made you place the books back on the shelves alphabetized by the first word of the title–using your ABC chalkboard.

    Alphabetizing has had a lingering effect on you since you even alphabetize your herbs and spices.

    You also graduated from the same high school as did your Granddaddy Crain.

    As a wee child, you wanted to skip the page in your beautiful picture book which had the word SQUISH on it.

    Learning to be organized is a critical necessity for dyslexic and dysgraphics. It is also a valuable skill for everyone. Learning to classify and alphabetize was one step in that process. You sorted toys by type with a box for trucks, a box for blocks, a box for dishes, etc. Eye-hand coordination activities/therapy began as soon as you were able to sit in your high chair and manipulate a crayon, a page, a puzzle piece. Despite that your dysgraphia is severe.

    From the MEAN Mom

  3. #25 Wow, no I did NOT notice it was alphabetized until you mentioned it. Those OCD qualities we get from our mothers-I have lots of them from mine.

    #22 One of the first things Ian told me about you was how you had your wedding dress altered so it had pockets. He told me this because I had tons of skirts with pockets. When I was younger, I was a total Tom Boy, but I got a lot more girly in college…Go figure?

    #20 I love photography but feel very stifled lately. I want a really awesome camera. What’s funny though, is that some of the best pictures I’ve taken were from a camera phone.

    #15 What a terrible “teacher”.

    #13 Cursive is over-rated.

    #2 I want barbeque so bad!!!

  4. Pinkey: TY for stopping by.

    Mom: Glad I learned to read.

    Brittany: I think my mom put the pockets in my dress. I have been surprised at the quality of pictures taken with my phone. My most recent camera Nate found at a pawn shop. The teacher in #15 was ex-navy. At least you can get BBQ.

  5. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I’m actually amazed at the number of hits I’ve gotten for that stupid 25 things…people really do a search for that? hehe

    I like your list. And I laughed out loud when I realized it was in alphabetical order 🙂

    (And GO mom!!)

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