I am sharing more pictures from our trip west. The Big Country as west Texas is sometimes called is such a great place for Sky Watching. The landscape seems so big. The area is sparsely populated with even fewer trees the terrain just seems to go on forever. While at first glance, the Big Country can appear to be an ugly, desolate place but if you are willing to look for it beauty can be found even in the desert. (Hmm… I bet there is a spiritual lesson in that thought.)

One of our stops was in Big Spring, Texas. Almost a year ago, Big Spring made the national news when an oil refinery exploded. My dad went to high school and junior college there. My mom’s first job out of college was in Big Spring. Big Spring is where they met and married.

First Baptist Church, Big Spring, Texas
First Baptist Church, Big Spring, Texas

My mom’s first job was as youth minister at First Baptist Big Spring. My parents were married at FBC. At the time my parents went to FBC, it was located in downtown. Several years ago, the church relocated near Scenic Mountain.

Taken at the Big Spring Airport (formerly Webb Air Force Base).
See, beauty can be found even in the desert.
Wind Turbines in Big Spring, Texas.
Wind Turbines in Big Spring, Texas.

Just west of Abilene, I begin noticing wind turbines dotting the landscape. I’m glad to see that all that wind is finally being put to a good use.

Disclaimer/Note: Please read before commenting.  After an incident with last week’s SWF I feel it is necessary to add the following statement. I am not a professional photographer nor do not claim to be one. I am an amateur with no formal training in photography, art yes but not photography. It a hobby that I enjoy and like participating in this weekly photo meme. Yes, I know the horizon is “framed wrong” but the point of Sky Watch Friday is the Sky.  Please excuse my spelling errors. I try very hard to catch them all. I have dysgraphia and dyslexia that affects my spelling ability. I have been told that I was never supposed to learn to read but I have been reading on a post-secondary level since intermediate school. Constructive criticism is welcome however, personal attacks are not. If you don’t like my work or think I’m stupid because I can’t spell well then as my mom used to say, “If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all”.

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