Well, it has taken me a while to write this one.  A couple of weeks ago we go to see Third Day in Concert.  Overall, it may have been the best concert I’ve ever seen. It was not only a good rock concert but a worship experience as well.

Revive is a new band from Austrialia.
Revive is a new band from Australia.

Revive started the evening off. I really had heard Revive before the concert and was pleasantly surprised. They opened for Third Day in Austrialia.  They had a good blend of showmanship and worship.  The most impressive was the last song which they did totally unplugged.  The drummer used a guitar case for a drum.

Need to Breathe
Need to Breathe

Need to Breathe was up next and they rocked out. Need to Breathe is a southern rock band from Possum Kingdom, South Carolina.  I had heard them before but really wasn’t a fan until the concert. They had some amazing guitar solos.

Third Day
Third Day

Third Day was one of the few bands I’ve seen that is actually better in concert. The experience of seeing them live was just very cool. They can really rock out. However they didn’t do two of our favorites Blackbird and Consuming Fire.

Third Day performing from the middle of the audience.
Third Day performing from the middle of the audience.

One of the coolest things Third Day did was to leave the stage and do a set from the center of the audience.  I’ve never seen a band do this before. They did a nice mixture of the new and old music.

4 thoughts on “Concert Review: Third Day

  1. I suspect it is much safer for a Christian rock band to perform from within the audience, than it is for a regular rock band. Even Elf’s band couldn’t safely perform in that manner, because there would be people grabbing at them, etc. I could see that type of situation turning into a violent mosh pit with instruments very quickly, if the band is not performing for a well-behaved Christian audience.

    Still, it is cool that they were able to do that, and cool that you were able to experience it. 🙂


  2. I’ve been to a ton of Christian concerts and this was the first band I’ve ever seen do this. Also, I’ve seen Christian concerts with mosh pits as well.

    I was surprised that they are so much better live.


  3. Third Day in concert! I’m excited to see this band live for my first time! I wanted to make sure its a great experience so I got really great seats for the Cruzan Amphitheater concert. They are on tour so check them out here if interested….


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