We saw Fireproof this weekend. Fireproof tells the story of firefighter Capt. Caleb Holt (Kirk Cameron). At work Holt is a hero who rushes into burning buildings to save others and is committed to adage “never leave your partner behind”. However, things at home are quite different Holt’s marriage is in a tailspin. Holt and his wife Catherine (Erin Bethea) are in a state constant conflict and headed for divorce.

Fireproof may be the best non-animated Christian movie I have seen. Fireproof is the third movie by Sherwood Pictures and the first one intended for theatrical release. Sherwood Pictures is affiliated with Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, GA its mission is to create quality family friendly movies. Their first two movies Flywheel and Facing the Giants used an all-volunteer cast including the actors. While more 500 volunteers were involved with the production of Fireproof, professionals were used for the lead roles and the film crew.

As a movie, Fireproof is average. While the story line is well written, it is a simplistic at times. One of my major complaints about Christian movies is that they always end with a “happily ever-after” ending and follow the same basic plot. The main character, who may or may not be a Christian, is facing a major life crisis. Someone convinces them to trust God and all in end, all is well. While I believe that faith in God is important, even when we trust God, we do not always get “happily ever-after” ending. While the conflict is different, both Flywheel and Facing the Giants used the same formula for a Christian movie. I guess I would like to see a Christian movie tackle tough issues with a more realistic conclusion.

Sherwood Pictures has come a long way since Flywheel, their first release. The most notable improvement is the quality of the acting. The cast included Kirk Cameron and Erin Bethea who are both professionals but the rest of cast had little or no acting experience. The soundtrack for Fireproof was another big improvement. The soundtrack included music by Third Day, Casting Crowns and Leeland. My only complaint quality wise is that some of the fire effects just look fake, overall that is a minor detail.

One of the things I liked Fireproof that it is a movie intended for adults (PG rating) that was clean. It seems that there is an attitude that movies for adults must at least include bad language.

If you have not seen Fireproof yet, go see it. It is certainly worth the time.

18 thoughts on “Movie Review: Fireproof

  1. Hi there,

    I looked over your blog and it looks really good. Do you ever do link exchanges on your blog roll? If you do, I’d like to exchange links with you.

    Let me know if you’re interested.



  2. Dee,

    Dad and I were in Abilene this past weekend for Rachel’s daughter Eliesabeth’s baptism. We attended Sunday School with my brother-in -law Matt. Several people in the class were talking about going to see this movie. It sounded interesting. So, thanks for the review.



  3. Rachel and Matt go to Pioneer Drive Baptist Church in Abilene, Texas. It was a very nice service and I was quite impressed with their choir and orchestra.


  4. Dee,
    You are right. A major problem I find with the Christian genre overall is the fairy tale ending. If these writers wrote Foxes Book of Martyrs, there would be no martyrs and everyone would live happily ever after.


  5. My wife and I went to see “Fireproof” this Sunday; the parallel of a fireman’s code “never leave your partner behind” and the vows of holy matrimony were fantastic. I found the movie to be well balanced with action, plot, humor and surprise woven together to show the real complexities of today’s marital relationships. The plot had many unexpected twists and the presumptive nature of man was used against us to a surprising end. The stars battle with internet pornography was classic and a battle which is on the rise as we’ve seen in recent weeks with celebrity marriages gone a rye and their addictions to porn brought to light. At one point my wife nudged me and whispered, “He needs My Internet Doorman”, I felt proud knowing that God was using me to help men and women all over the country to fight this battle and to prevent youth from becoming victims of this addictive and destructive vice. I strongly recommend this movie to engaged couples, newlyweds, anyone struggling to hang on to their marriage, anyone on the fence of divorce, and anyone who has ever been there. Bravo!

    Mr. M


  6. Erin Bethea is a member at Sherwood. She sings in the praise band. I saw a screening of this film in early June, and the people from Sherwood said the only person not affiliated with their church involved with the making of this film was Kirk. I think that compared to what any other church could turn out script-wise, quality-wise, etc, This film is phenomenal. Albany, GA is not a really big town.


  7. Bryant,

    If you read the cast bios several people are not affilated with Sherwood BC. Yes, I think the church did a good job with what they have. Each of their productions is better than the previous. Although I know several churches that good do a comparable job if they wanted to. However in general the movie is only average.


  8. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have a happy ending and be real. Although we are not promised and easy life just because we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we are promised blessings and peace. Who could ask for more than that? When there is peace, even during a storm, there is happiness. If this life was all about me, or all about you, then there would be no happiness. We, in ourselves, are never satisfied. But, if we put the “Love Dare” to test and get over ourselves, we will find what true love is and also find our happy ending.


  9. Yes but that really isn’t a movie style happy ending. In the movie everything turns out good. It is possible for someone to do the Love Dare & trust God and things still not turn out ok.


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