This week I received my first award, thanks to Antigoni.

I would like to pass this award along to the several blogs I read.

  • Jamie at Dreaming Big Dreams: Jamie and her husband are in process of adopting two children from Haiti.  She has been talking about Haiti a lot this week. Haiti was hit by Ike this week. Find out how you can help hurricane surivors in Haiti.
  • ElfNinosMom at Adventures in Frickintardistan: ENM writes about politics, crime (especially dumb criminals) and other wacky news items.
  • MamaCurry: Fellow Texan and blogger. Think her tagline sums it up nicely “Venting, Rambling, Ranting, Spewing”.
  • Quinn at SBC Ghost Recon: There is just something cool about the name.  Quinn posts a combination of serious stuff and humorous.
  • Random Cathy: Cathy is actually one of my friend’s from years ago. Recently found Cathy on Facebook and discovered her blog.

8 thoughts on “My First Award

  1. Aw, wow….sniff…I have so many people to thank…. My co-workers and family for providing me with content….all the books I order from and recommend (plus a few I’ve panned). Photoshop, PSP, Fireworks and Google images… Wait….I’m not finished–


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