Recently my ABC Wednesday entry featured a glimpse of the Blue Ridge Community. Since posting those pictures I have been sent more pictures and thought I would share some more about Blue Ridge. While I never lived at Blue Ridge my mom and grandparents grew up there. I did spend time at my Granny’s house, on the farm with my Granddaddy and at the church.

T.E. Stribling home about 1907.

Originally built by Henry J. Carter in 1872, the house was bought by my great-great grandparents, T.E. Stribling in 1907. A kitchen was added to the back of the house. The wagon tracks are approximately in the same location as the current road. A big barn was built several yards in front of the house. As a youngster I always wondered why the barn was on the other side of the road. I didn’t realize that the when the farm was built there was no road.

T. E. Stribling Family

T. E. Stribling and Sons
T. E. Stribling and Sons
Jack Stribling,
My Uncle Jack
Picture of Granny Crain probably taken during WWII. Notice the star pin on her lapel.
My Granny C. taken during WWII. Notice the lapel pin.
Granddady & Uncle Edwin
Granddaddy & Uncle Edwin

6 thoughts on “More About the Blue Ridge Community

  1. There were LOTS of barns. In front of the house and across the road was a large barn and a large metal shed for storing hay.

    Behind the house were 2 or 3 large barns. The family owned several farms with houses and barns on each.


  2. Some cousins of mine and I will be in Hamilton later this spring and will visit the site of the old Blue Ridge School. My father, Charles Smitherman, and their father, Thomas Smitherman, graduated from Blue Ridge in the mid-30s. We are wondering if photographs of Blue Ridge are available. Thanks for any info.


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