U.S. Flag

To those whose family or friends have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country:

I am grateful for their bravery. Thank you.

The Wall

To those who have served (Uncle Earl, Buck, Roy, Bill, Randy):

Thank you for your willingness to serve our country.

Soliders Raising US Flag

To those who are currently serving (IC, CT & BR):

Thank you and you have my support.


To those who wish to malign those in the military, to protest the war and/or demonstrate at funerals:

Please remember that freedom is not free. It was built on the backs of those who have served and defended this country for 200 plus years.

Arlington National Cementary

10 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. I have always considered it my priveledge to have served my country. I can , therefore, say that you are very welcome, but no thanks are necessary, but are appreciated. Not to many bother with that. They are more than willing to cast dispersions upon our services, and our country very quickly, and most of them have no idea what they are speaking of.


  2. ENM,

    There is a big difference between a respectful protest and what happened to a friend of mine recently. That was my motivation for this and another post I wrote last month. At this time I do not choose to express my opinions about the war.


  3. ENM,

    Oh, thank you for serving in the military. I believe that those who have chosen to serve our country have earned the right to protest the war or say just about whatever they wish about it.


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