Today Nate had class so Kat, Chief & I went headed to Lakeland to see a spring training game.

1st Base Entry

The Detroit Tigers spring training is in Lakeland. Joker Marchant Stadium (Tiger Town) is a pretty nice facility. It is also home to the The Flying Tigers, part of the Detroit’s club system.

Home of the Flying Tigers
Nationals @ Tigers
Chief is ready for the game.

We picked up dinner on our way back home. After dinner the kids decided to go swimming. I decided it was too, cold since the pool isn’t heated. It was cold but the kids did swim for a little bit.

It’s cooold!!

Being the swimmer Kat was the first to try the water. It seems that she had competed in some pretty cold pools before. It took Chief a little longer to get into the pool.

Chief is in the water, ok just up to his knees.
He made it in the water.

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