scrapbook.jpgScrapbooking does not have to be an expensive hobby. Start small with a manageable project such as a summer trip or birthday. You might consider a scrapbook kit. The quality of the items in the kit may not be as good as Creative Memories but it is more affordable. Stores like Michael’s or a local scrapbook store often offer classes or crop nights. I like crop nights because of the interaction with other croppers. Also, community colleges, recreation centers and churches offer low or no cost scrapbooking classes..

Things to Remember:

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed with the options available. You don’t have to include every type of enhancement on page or even one scrapbook.
  2. Learn from other croppers. I have learned a lot just by talking too and watching other croppers. Most croppers are very helpful and willing to teach a “newbie” how to do things. This is why I like crop nights.
  3. Start small. Select a project that has a beginning and end. Example: a scrapbook for a specific trip or birthday would be easier than all the vacations your family has taken.
  4. You do not have to buy every item, tool or scrapbooking accessory. Creative Memories has some great products but they are also very expensive. Start by buying the tools and items that you need for a project.
  5. Watch for sales.
  6. Have fun.


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