Until Next Year

Rangers are headed to the World Series!

Baseball season has ended for the year. The Cardinal’s won in it in the  7th game. The Cards are a good team and deserved to win all.

As a life long Ranger’s fan the past two years have been amazing.   I never imagined the Rangers would make it to a World Series much less two years in a row.

For those who continue to dismiss the Rangers as a group of undeserving misfits who got lucky, it is time to reconsider.  Maybe the Rangers got lucky but they also worked very hard.  Maybe they don’t have a team full of overpaid all-stars, instead they are a team that plays together.

Thank you Rangers for a great run.  It was the best year yet. Let’s try it again next year.

Back to Back, Baby!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard that the Texas Rangers are headed to the World Series for the second year in a row.

Rangers are headed to the World Series!
Rangers are headed to the World Series!

Oh, yeah I the Rangers are playing the St. Louis Cardinals. I like the Cardinals and usually want them to win. However, I’m a Rangers fan this time I won’t be pulling for the Cards.