Merry Christmas

Love Came Down At Christmas

Performed by Jars of Clay

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given,
and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6 (NIV)


Sounds of the Season 2010: God Rest You Merry Gentlemen

God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
Performed by Jars of Clay

1 God rest you merry, gentlemen,
Let nothing you dismay,
For Jesus Christ our Saviour
Was born upon this day,
To save us all from Satan’s power
When we were gone astray;

O tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy,
O tidings of comfort and joy.

2 In Bethlehem in Judah
This blessed babe was born,
And laid within a manger
Upon this blessed morn:
For which his mother Mary
Did nothing take in scorn. (Refrain)

3 From God our great Creator
A blessed angel came;
And unto certain shepherds
Brought tidings of the same,
How that in Bethlehem was born
The son of God by name. (Refrain)

4 The shepherds at those tidings
Rejoiced much in mind,
And left their flocks a feeding
In tempest, storm, and wind,
And went to Bethlehem straightway,
The blessed babe to find. (Refrain)

5 Now to the Lord sing praises,
All you within this place,
And with true love and charity
Each other now embrace;
This holy tide of Christmas
All others shall replace. (Refrain)

Top 10: My Dream Music Festival

Regular readers have probably figured out that I love music. Over the years I have been able to attend several concerts. I  have often thought of bands/artists that would be included in my ideal music festival. The best word to describe my line up is eclectic.

#10: Dennis Agajanian – Not much of a country/bluegrass fan but this guy is an amazing guitarist. He actually plays the Hallelujah Chorus on the guitar.

Franklin Graham with Dennis Agajanian
Franklin Graham with Dennis Agajanian

#9: Need to BreatheJust because every festival needs a good southern rock band. Also, they put on a good show.  Really enjoyed seeing them in concert.

Need to Breathe
Need to Breathe -- Sorry it is so dark.


Josh Groban

#8: Josh Groban & John Williams – I’m pretty sure this pairing has never happened. It is the line up of my dream festival. Williams is one of my favorite modern composers/conductors and Groban is one of my favorite classical/pop singers.  Just think it would make for an amazing concert. Somehow the score from Star Wars would have to be included.

#7: Flame, LaCrae and others from Cross Movement – Yes, I know my last entry was classical. Why not throw in some rap for fun. The Cross Movement Guys are great in concert.  I like how they took time to hang out the masses.

Trip Lee from Cross Movement.
Trip Lee from Cross Movement.

#6: Flatfoot 56 — Flatfoot 56 is a Celtic Punk Rock band based out of Chicago. They are actually pretty good. Doesn’t every festival need punk band. They are pretty cool guys as well.

Taken with half of the guys from Flatfoot 56.

#5:  Jars of Clay – I have actually seen Jars at a festival type event. I like their eclectic sound and use of unusual instruments.


#4: Plumb – Tiffany Arbuckle AKA Plumb can still rock although motherhood has mellowed her some. Never seen her in concert. She is one of the few artists on my must see list.  Hopefully, she would rock out some in a festival setting.


#3: Phil Keaggy – One of the best concerts I’ve ever attended was Keaggy and friends.  He is probably one of the best guitarist alive. It would make the concert a little sweeter through in Wes King and Scott Dente as backup.  Or maybe mix it up some have have Keaggy preform with Groban and Williams.  I also think it would be interesting to hear Keaggy and Agajanian together.


#2: Third Day – Third Day is amazing in concert. They are actually better live than on CD. It was a great concert and would like to see them again.

Third Day performing from the middle of the audience.
Third Day performing from the middle of the audience.

#1: U2 – U2 is at the top of my want to see list.  So, it is pretty much a no-brainer that they are the #1 band in my line-up.


Well, that is the line-up for my dream music festival. Yes, I know it is a little strange and probably unrealistic.

Top 10: Favorite Bands

ccconcert.jpgTop 10#10 Caedmon’s Call. Caedmon’s Call got it’s start as out as the praise & worship band for Second Baptist, Houston Texas. Derek Webb is back for the groups most recent project, Overdressed. My favorite song is Bus Driver. I know it isn’t very deep but I just like the song. Also, I really like the the international flavor of Share The Well. The picture to the right was taken at during the Share the Well tour. We got to meet the band.

#9 Jars of Clay. Unique sound. Jars of Clay has a unique sound. I like how they use a varitey of instruments. They had a dry spell for a while but their last release Good Monsters is very good. Love Song For A Savior from their debut album is still my one of my favorites.

#8 DC Talk .They really matured over the years that they were together. The guys are still recording individual projects but I miss their collective sound. Check out the video from Jesus Freak.

choir.jpg#7 The Choir. The Choir is Christian alternative/modern rock band that has been around for since the 1980s. They are probably the first alternative band that I heard. The guys have been around for a while and have a lot of talent but have not been accepted or noticed by the mainstream Christian market. One of the things I have always liked about them is their unique sound. Steven Hindalong and Marc Byrd penned the popular worship song God of Wonders. The guys were involved with the City on the Hill Worship Project. Their most recent project Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen is probably their best work. I really like the song Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen.

#6 The Fray. They are a new comer to my list. The Fray is from the UK and have gotten a lot of play on television, radio and just about everywhere else. According to their website after being on tour for most of the past two years are taking a break and working on their next project. The video below is my favorite song How to Save a Life.

#5 Newsboys. Newsboys have been one of my favorites for several years. The Rock Across Australia named Newsboys Artist of the Year for 2007. Shine is still one of my favorite songs.

#4 Eden’s Bridge. Celtic Band Another lesser known group I discovered several years ago is the Celtic Band Eden’s Bridge. I love their rendition of Amazing Grace.

superchick.jpg#3 Superchic[k]. My Favorite songs are Anthem and One Girl Revolution. I like the message of Bowling Ball and Princes and Frogs. Favorite albums are Karaoke Superstars and Beauty from Pain. The link on their name will take you to a page where you can listen to their music.

#2 U2 They have been one of my favorites for years except for a brief period in the 90’s. Joshua Tree is my favorite album. Beautiful Day is my favorite song.

3rdday1.jpg#1 Third Day. They are my all time favorite band. Mac Powell has a unique sounding voice. As for a favorite song there are so many: Consuming Fire, Thief, and Love Song. I really like Chronology Vol. 1 & 2 that was released in 2007.