Homeschooling and Learning Disabilies

I originally wrote this for the Homeschool Network in 2008.  Currently, I am consolidating all of my writing to this blog. Homeschooling has many advantages for children with learning disabilities. It is much easier for your child to receive the intensive one-on-one instruction needed to succeed. Instruction can be tailored to meet your child’s individual … Continue reading Homeschooling and Learning Disabilies

Diploma or No Diploma?

Note: I originally posted this on HomeSchoolBenefits. One issue that homeschooling families must consider is what to do about a high school diploma. Is a high school diploma even necessary? What are the options for homeschooling families? Today’s column seeks to discuss some of the options available for homeschooling families. Understanding credentials are essential to … Continue reading Diploma or No Diploma?

Homeschool Benefits is Back!!!

Well, after being down for a month part of the Homeschool Network is back up. So, you are wondering why do I care? Well, because I am an editor for one the sites I haven't written as much over the summer but I have written several articles for the site. Want to find out … Continue reading Homeschool Benefits is Back!!!