Christmas Stuff

When I was in grad school there was a house near campus that had an eclectic Christmas display. It started out with a normal light display. One year the residents didn't take the Christmas lights down. Instead they added seasonal decorations throughout the year. They would just leave up the previous seasonal/holiday decorations. Eventually the … Continue reading Christmas Stuff

Thanksgiving Traditions

Today’s article is about the traditions and symbols of Thanksgiving. I know that many families have their own special traditions. For my husband’s family Thanksgiving was about eating a lot of food and watching the Cowboys play. Thanksgiving for my family was a little bit different. Earlier in the week it usually included the annual … Continue reading Thanksgiving Traditions

Decoding Resurrection Symbols During Easter

The most prominent symbol of Easter is the cross. The Roma cross was a torture device. It was one of the most gruesome and painful means of executing criminals. The cross represents Christ's willing sacrifice and his triumph over sin and death (See Matthew 27:32-56; Mark 15:21-41; Luke 23:26-49; John 18:39-19:37). The empty tomb and … Continue reading Decoding Resurrection Symbols During Easter