Top 10: Top Posts for the 2009

Top 10Criteria Used: All post had to be written in the 2009 calendar year.

#10: ProvidenceJimmy at Keeping it Simple wrote a post recently inspired by the actions of Chesley B. Sullenberger, pilot of U.S. Airways Flight 1549. Sullenberger was able to safely land in the Hudson River. Surprisingly, everyone on the flight survived. As I read Jimmy’s post and listened to news reports, one word came to mind: Providence! — More

#9: Top 10: My Dream Music Festival Regular readers have probably figured out that I love music. Over the years I have been able to attend several concerts. I  have often thought of bands/artists that would be included in my ideal music festival. The best word to describe my line up is eclectic. More

#8:  What Makes a Good PastorOur church is in a period of transition. As a part of the process we were asked to complete a survey. Most of the survey focused on the type of pastor desired for the church. While pondering my responses I began thinking about the survey, vision for our church, and qualities I want in a pastor. — More

#7: Top 10: Best Burger Joints A compilation of my favorite burger places.  More

#6: Daves Highway Last week I someone posted a Daves Highway a video on Facebook. Sorry, I don’t remember who posted it. If you haven’t heard of these guys you need to check them out. Siblings  Delaney, Zachary and Erika Daves  make up the trio.  The group is from Brandon, MS.  The tight harmonies and vocals are amazing for a group still in their teens. The group’s repertory includes Christian, country and rock tunes.  Their cover of Jesus Messiah by Chris Tomlin.  May be my favorite. — Read More

#5: Michael Tait Joins the Newsboys – Yes, that is right Michael Tait has replaced Peter Furler as lead singer of the Newsboys. I had been hearing rumors of this for a while but it is offical. After 22 years with the group Furler will no longer be touring with the group. He will continue to write and produce plus make some appearances with the group. — Read More

#4: The Bucket List (Another Facebook Meme)Due to technical difficulties I’m not able to participate in ABC Wednesday this week. Hopefully, my computer will be back up soon. I have decided to respond to another Facebook Meme. I’ve been tagged several times for the Bucket List. — Read More

#3: Top 10: Tips for Walt Disney WorldA few years ago we had seasonal passes to Walt Disney World. That is one of the perks of living in Florida. Over the course of two years we learned quite a bit about the parks and some tips that might be helpful for visitors, especially from out of state. — Read More

#2: Top 10: Worst Movies Ever – So, this one is really a worst 10 list.  The Big Guy collaborated with me on this list. Read More

#1: Heroes: What Makes a Her0 The theme for National Blog Posting Month is heroes. Posting on the theme is optional but I am going to try to post something each week about heroes. Some would consider athletes, rock stars or other celebrities heroes. Or maybe heroes are those who show extraordinary bravery and selflessness. I have been thinking what qualities define a hero. — Read More

Top 10: Best Burger Joints

top10#10: Sonny’s BBQ (Florida based chain) – Sonny’s barbecue is at best average but they make a good burger. One of the cool things about their burger is the number of free toppings available.  Oh, be sure to get the sweet tea.

#9: Sonic – Yes, I really do like Sonic. I like their burgers, tots and cherry limeades.

#8: Dairy Queen – Let me clarify that I am talking about the full service restaurant that is common in Texas and Oklahoma not the little impostor kind found that doesn’t serve burgers. DQ burgers are supposed have names like Hunger Buster, Belt Buster and DQ Dude.  They also have pretty good steak fingers.

#7:  Chili’s, (Chain) – While Chili’s menu has changed over the years they still have a good burger.

#6: What-A-Burger, (Texas Based Chain) – One of my favorite chain burger places.  There is something about the taste of their burgers on Mrs. Baird’s buns that I really like. Unfortunately, most of the What-A-Burgers in Florida closed recently.

#5: Adam’s Rib Co. (Gainesville, FL) — Like many barbecue places Adam’s makes a mean burger. It is reasonably priced and quite yummy.

#4: Storm’s, (Central Texas) — Storms is a small family owned chain with locations Lampasas, Burnet, Hamilton, Kingsland and Marble Falls. The original location opened in Lampasas in 1950 as the Dairy Cue. They have good burgers, shakes and steak sandwiches (chicken fried, not the Philly kind). One of my favorite things used to be their coconut fried pies. They were shaped like little mini pies and deep fried. Unfortunately, they changed this several years ago.

#3: Kincaid’s Hamburgers, Ft Worth, TX — Originally, Kincaid’s was a grocery store. In the mid-1960’s, meat cutter O.R. Gentry began serving burgers to use up extra hamburger meat. As Kincaid’s popularity grew the grocery counters were shortened and table like-shelves were added. Currently, Kincaid’s has several locations.

#2: Sandwich Inn, Gainesville, FL — Sandwich is a drive thru burger dive with good prices and even better burgers. Be sure to get a vanilla shake.

#1: Charley’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers, Ft. Worth, Texas — Started out as a neighborhood place in the South Hills neighborhood but have since opened other locations.  The burgers and oninon rings are made fresh. My favorite is the Candian Burger. They